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Policies & Procedures

Gwinnett County Public Schools Student/Parent Handbook

Click on this link for important information about GCPS programs, procedures, and policies for students and families.  

Car Rider Line Procedures

Students arriving to school by car

  1. Cars are not to enter the parking lot before 7:45am. The parking lot is reserved for teachers and staff until 7:45am. This allows time for staff to arrive to work and be able to find a parking space.
  2. All cars are to enter campus via the gravel driveway to the left of the school building.
  3. The gravel driveway is one way. This driveway is an entrance NOT an exit.
  4. The gravel driveway is a 2-lane drive. The purpose of the 2 lane is to minimize traffic on Arcado Road in the morning. 
  5. Do NOT park in the grass to the side of the gravel driveway. This is NOT A DROP OFF OR PARKING SITE.
  6. When the school bell rings at 7:45am, cars can begin to enter the parking lot with caution.
  7. Go with the flow of traffic and pull all the way up behind the car in front of you. We have signs labeled...A, B, C, D, E, F, G, h.  Use these signs as directional sign.
  8. DO NOT get out of your car! Allow the staff to assist your child out of the car.
  9. Have your child ready to exit the car when you have stopped at the sidewalk.

We know that by following these expectations while on our school campus will allow for a smooth arrival for students, parents, and staff.