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Safety Procedures

Help Us Keep Your Child Safe!

School Bus Safety Tips 

Teach your child these six important bus loading and unloading safety procedures:

  1. Teach your child to stop on the bottom step and check carefully for vehicles approaching from the rear before stepping off of the bus. Unfortunately, motorists will pass stopped school buses—yes, sometimes even on the side that children get off from.

  2. “I see the driver and the driver sees me!” Explain to your child that they need to cross far enough out in front of the bus that they can see the driver and the driver can see them. The driver will signal students to cross when all is clear and safe.

  3. Stop and check for traffic. Even though the driver has indicated it’s safe to begin crossing, your child still needs to stop and look for motorists before entering the open traffic lane.

  4. Avoid wearing clothing or backpacks with dangling items, long drawstrings or straps that could get caught in the bus door.

  5. Don’t distract the bus driver. The driver is always watching for the safety of the students on the bus, and as they are getting on and off the bus.

  6. VERY IMPORTANT! Explain to your child that if they drop something as they are crossing the street; they must get the attention of the bus driver by waving both hands in the air. If the driver doesn’t notice, leave the object. Only pick up the object when the driver has acknowledged and given you permission to pick it up. It is best to keep all items in your book bag to avoid dropping loose items.

Alternate Transportation

You must complete an Alternate Transportation Form if your child is going to another location other than your home. In other words, if your child is a car rider, daycare van rider, walker, bike rider or will travel on GCPS bus to a grandparent, babysitter, daycare in our attendance zone, etc., you MUST complete this Alternate Transportation Form and turn it into the office.


Car Riders

In order to ensure the safety of our students during car rider dismissal each day, we are asking that you follow these guidelines and procedures to the fullest extent. Please adhere to these guidelines so that dismissal can be safe and efficient each day!

These guidelines have been established to provide the highest level of safety for our students:

Car rider arrival begins at 7:45 a.m.

  • Students must be ready to exit the car when signaled to do so.
  • Students must exit and enter the car from the passenger side.
  • Car rider dismissal begins at 2:45 p.m.
  • Display your Arcado car rider decal on the rear view mirror where it is easily visible.
  • Pull in the front entrance of the school and remain in your car while waiting to advance forward to pick up your child(ren).
  • Advance forward slowly as you approach the pickup area as children are entering cars.
  • Do not try to go around the other cars if you load before the car in front of you. Wait and please be patient.

Please be aware that cars arriving without decals will be asked to park and report to the office to show proof of identification (driver’s license/picture ID). If you have not been issued a decal, you may obtain one by seeing Ms. Blocker in the front office!

Changes in Student Transportation Arrangements

Should you need to change transportation arrangements, a written note with a phone number from the child’s parent or guardian indicating the change in his/her transportation home is required on the morning of the change. This note should be brought to the front office by the child to be signed and verified by a school official. We cannot accept changes by phone as this does not allow us to provide the maximum safety measure for students. No changes will be made after 2:00 p.m. or on a day-to-day basis.

Communicating with your School Bus Driver

We encourage you to communicate with your child’s bus driver, but please be mindful of the driver’s time as he/she has other children waiting for the bus to pick them up. And the driver needs to get these children to school on time!

Additionally, most of our drivers have three to four back-to-back routes servicing the tiered school starting times. Getting behind schedule can truly cause a domino effect!

We recommend that communication is written and that on the rare occasion that it may be necessary to speak with the driver, please do so at his/her side window.

It is unlawful for any person to disrupt or interfere with the operation of any public school bus. Since the driver is conscientious of the safety of the children on the bus, we do not allow adults to enter the bus. Any person violating this Code section (GA 20-2-1181) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

GCPS Transportation Department

The Department of Transportation looks forward to working with parents and students to ensure safe ridership to and from our schools. Parents with questions regarding routing, schedules, or bus stops should call the student's assigned school, the Transportation Department's customer service department, or the Transportation Supervisor assigned to the student's school. 

Walkers and Bike Riders

Walkers and bike riders should enter the building using the side door located by the counseling offices. During dismissal, parents or designated adults by the parent must meet walkers at the side door to ensure the child’s safety. Bike riders may use the bike rack located behind the school. Please secure your bikes to the rack as Arcado Elementary is not responsible for lost or stolen property.