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FOCUS/Gifted Program

Focus/Gifted Program at Arcado

Gifted and Talented

What is Focus?

FOCUS is the gifted program in Gwinnett County elementary schools and serves gifted students by providing academic challenges for intellectually-advanced students. The program is designed to help each child reach his or her full potential. Students participating in the program receive additional instruction in higher-level thinking during their school day.


The gifted program is called FOCUS in elementary school, PROBE in middle school and QUEST in high school.

FOCUS = Fostering, Originality, Creativity, Understanding and Self Awareness
PROBE=Problem-Solvers, Researchers, Observers, Brainstormers, Evaluators
QUEST=Querying Unusual Extended Study Topics

GCPS Goals

  1. To educate gifted and talented students so that they may achieve excellence in Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS).
  2. To provide academic advancement through the use of Gwinnett County Public Schools’ AKS Extensions.
  3. To encourage gifted and talented students to reach a world-class standard in their individual area of exceptionality.