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Housing Resources

Gwinnett County Housing Resources

Buford Housing Authority


Buford Housing Authority

Housing Authority, Low Income Affordable Housing, Public Housing (Does NOT handle Section 8).

**Due to the high demand and volume of applications already on file for our Public Housing program, Buford Housing Authority has closed its waiting list, and no applications will be accepted until further notice. Please refer to the website above periodically for updated information about the waiting list opening.**

Department of Family and Children Services

To complete a child-care, TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid application and/or to update information, go online

1-877-423-4746—For case specific information and other inquiries.


Family Promise Gwinnett


Family Promise Gwinnett

Must be a Gwinnett County resident to apply. An adult member of the family can call and speak with a case manager for an initial phone screening. Depending on availability, the family will be contacted for a face-to-face interview. If the family meets the program criteria, the family will be invited into the program. The overall process can take five to ten business days. Instead of living at a fixed-site shelter, families — up to four in two rotations — stay each week at a different church or synagogue in the Family Promise of Gwinnett Network. All guests accepted into the program may be eligible to receive phone and Internet access; assistance with housing and employment searches; opportunities for job training; daycare assistance; budget management, credit counseling, and parenting and nutrition workshops.


Georgia Affordable Housing Search               

Gwinnett Affordable Housing


Georgia Department of Community Affairs


GA Dept. Of Community Affairs

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8 housing)provides a rental subsidy to assist extremely low and low-income individuals and families in renting safe, decent and affordable housing in the private rental market throughout Georgia's Department of Community Affairs (DCA)'s jurisdiction. The subsidy is given to eligible families who were selected from our waitlist. Eligibility for the program is based on several factors including the family's income and eligible citizenship status.

Currently, DCA is not accepting applications to its preliminary waitlist for Housing Choice Vouchers. The application process was last opened on February 1, 2016, and closed on February 7, 2016. Applications were taken for all 149 counties in Georgia that DCA has jurisdiction.

NOTICE from the website: The Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) Wait List preliminary application period is currently closed. However, we are currently accepting preliminary applications for the Project-Based Voucher Wait List.

Home of Hope (Gwinnett Children’s Shelter)


Home of Hope

Residential care facility which provides services for homeless children from 0-17 years of age along with their young mothers.  We also provide care and services for homeless girls aging out of the foster care system at 18 years of age. 


HomeSafe Georgia

HomeSafe GA

770-806-2100 or toll-free 1-877-519-4443

Federally funded and state-operated, HomeSafe Georgia offers three government mortgage programs to qualified homeowners based on need:

  1. Mortgage Payment Assistance: Provides assistance to those who have experienced unemployment or underemployment hardship in the last 36 months.
  2. Mortgage Reinstatement Assistance: Provides assistance to those in need of mortgage help who have suffered a military, medical or death-related hardship in the last 36 months.
  3. Mortgage Payment Reduction: Provides mortgage modification to those who have experienced a significant permanent reduction of income in the last 36 months.

The applicant in need of mortgage assistance must live in Georgia, be the homeowner (the person listed on the security deed) or the spouse of the homeowner, and meet a set of eligibility requirements unique to a HomeSafe Georgia mortgage program. Additionally, the spouse (if applicable) and all homeowners and borrowers legally bound to the property must cooperate in the application process.

Once the online application is completed, you must download and print the documents, complete and sign where indicated, collect the supporting documentation on the checklist, and fax, mail or deliver the application package to HomeSafe Georgia.


Lawrenceville Housing Authority


Lawrenceville Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of the City of Lawrenceville (LHA) offers affordable rental units for low-income families.

At this time, the Lawrenceville Housing Authority may not be accepting new application for public housing. Please check the website for potential openings.


Partnership Against Domestic Violence


Partnership Against Domestic Violence

24 hour crisis line, emergency shelter and other support for domestic violence victims/families.


The Quinn House


The Quinn House

Residential Program offers a 40-day Drug and Alcohol Program (can house approximately 24 individuals/males only).

Provides food, clothing, and other assistance to people in need.


Rainbow Village, Inc


Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is a long-term program of self-help and self-sufficiency and not simply a place to seek shelter. Families are required to become an active part of their educational program and actively involved in the Rainbow Village community. The program requires commitment and accountability.

Before families can even apply, it must be determined if you clearly meet the federal definition of homelessness, which is:

People who are living in a place not meant for human habitation, in emergency shelter, in transitional housing, or are exiting an institution where they temporarily resided.

People who are losing their primary nighttime residence, which may include a motel or hotel or a doubled-up situation, within 14 days and lack resources or support networks to remain in housing.

Families with children or unaccompanied youth who are unstably housed and likely to continue in that state.

People who are fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence, have no other residence and lack the resources or support networks to obtain other permanent housing.

If you match that definition then you also must match all of these qualifications:

Must be a resident of Georgia for at least 30 days.

Must be willing and able to work.

Must have reliable transportation.

Must have custody of at least one child.


SaltLight Center


Salt Light Center

If you are in need of shelter today, please go through our screening process by calling 678-376-8950. Referrals accepted Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

The SaltLight Center is an emergency homeless shelter for women and children in Gwinnett County.

Overnight shelter open from 6:30 pm to 7 am.

To enter the center all adults ages 18 and up need a photo ID (either a passport, state-issued driver’s license or state issued identification card).

We accept boys with their mothers up to age 17.

No drugs, alcohol, or weapons are allowed.

You must be clean and sober to enter the center.  

The center is a night shelter, open to guests Monday through Friday from 7 pm to 7 am.  Guests can stay from 1 to 7 nights a calendar year.


Salvation Army                       


Salvation Army

If you are currently facing a personal or financial crisis, you may schedule and appointment at 770.724.1661 or call 211* for a list of other Metro Area resources. Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

It has been recommended by Gwinnett Helpline Staff that families start calling around 6:30-7:00 am and leave a message in hopes of getting a call back to make an appointment.

Programs include: (1) Financial Emergency Services Centers provide emergency and life-sustaining assistance with food, clothing, rent/mortgage, utilities, school supplies and furniture to individuals and families facing a financial crisis and (2) Home Sweet Home program seeks to reach out to newly homeless families or those at risk of imminent homelessness.


St. Vincent de Paul Society of Georgia


St. Vincent De Paul Society of GA

Contact the main assistance line above for direct help or submit a request online through the above website.

The SVP Society provides financial assistance for a range of needs including Rent and housing, Utilities, Food, Medical/Dental/Prescriptions, Counseling, Legal fees, Transportation, and Burials.


Hope Atlanta / the Programs of Travelers Aid


Hope Atlanta

Must meet eligibility and have certain documents. Please call first.

Programs and Services include Reunification, PATH & Street Outreach, Emergency Housing, Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing, Supportive Housing, Gwinnett County Shelter + Care Program, HIV/AIDS (HOPWA) Assistance, Supportive Services for Veterans & their Families, and Domestic Violence Assistance.


General Help Lines/Number

First Call for Help (United Way)

211 or 404-614-1000

United Way

Gwinnett Helpline


Gwinnett Helpline


GCPS does not endorse or recommend any of the above agencies, as this list is for informational use only. Any fees incurred are the responsibility of the parent and/or student. This is not a complete list of food pantry resources in Gwinnett or the Metro Atlanta Area. Please check with other sources of information for additional resources.